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Important rules for skydiving

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Safety is the first and most important rules for skydiving. All sports have their rules. And safety measures to ensure that adrenaline and fun doesn’t end up with injuries or death.

A parachute jump rules

A parachute jump may only be performed from an aircraft that meets the conditions for performing flight operations for the purpose of parachuting in accordance with a special regulation.

A tandem pilot and a tandem pilot teacher may perform a jump only with the type of tandem parachute for which they have a type entry in the parachute jump book.

The parachutist is responsible for the safe performance of the parachute jump.

A parachuting student is responsible for the safe performance of a parachute jump from the moment of jumping from the aircraft until landing.

The parachuting teacher is responsible for providing all the necessary condition. And information necessary for the safe performance of the parachute student’s jump.

The pilot of a tandem parachute is responsible for the safety of passengers during the performance of a tandem parachute jump.

important rules of skydiving

Weather conditions

The ground wind speed must be measured with an anemometer before starting the jumps and monitored during the jumps.

Maximum permissible wind speed at ground:

  • for students parachutists and paratroopers with a category A license must not exceed 23 ft / s;
  • when performing tandem jumps with a parachute, it must not exceed 40 ft / s;
  • for a night jump it must not exceed 23 ft / s.

When the wind speed at the ground exceeds the permitted values twice in a period of 5 minutes. The performance of jumps must be interrupted.

The performance of jumps may be continued if they do not exceed the permitted value within 30 minutes from the moment of interruption of the measured wind values at the ground.

Parachute jumps may be performed if the jump point can be determined visually or by aircraft navigation devices.

If the lower cloud base is lower than the jump height and the cloud cover is equal to or greater than 5/8. The lower cloud base for performing a parachute jump must be at least 4500 feet.

Important rules for skydiving

Landing rules

Parachute jumping may be performed at the airport and the registered landing and take-off area.

As an exception to paragraph 1 of this Article. Parachute jumping may be performed outside the airport. And the registered area for landing and take-off only with prior approval.

The landing on the ground is marked with a parachute cross.

The parachute cross is used for communication with the aircraft crew and the parachute leader in case of loss of the radio communication connection in such a way that:

  • when the cross has been removed, parachutists are not allowed to jump out of the aircraft, and
  • when one arm of the cross has been removed. The jump is temporarily suspended and the aircraft remains at the height of the jump until the next notice.

A wind vane must be placed near the landing area, which enables parachutists in the landing phase to assess the direction and strength of the wind.

Important rules for skydiving

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A little bit about our history

At some point you might wonder, where did it all begin? Skydiving is in our blood. It all started in 1969.  Exposure to airplanes skydiving and life growing up around airports is hard to explain. Especially to someone that has never been in that type of an environment. While skydiving is considering extreme sport it is actually very peaceful experience.

Most of our skydiving students would say it is not what we expected or it how we imagined it.

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Carlyle Lake is a 25,000 acres reservoir largely located in Clinton County, Illinois. With smaller portions of the lake within Bond and Fayette counties. It is the largest man-made lake in Illinois, and the largest lake wholly contained within the state.

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