Enjoy a breathtaking view!

At Gateway Skydiving Center we jump from up to 10,500 feet, above Carlyle Lake.

We operate  a Cessna 182 aircraft that can take two tandems per load, allowing you to jump with your friends and family in comfort and style!  

Our Pricing

Our price reflects the quality of our service. Attention to detail, uncompromising maintenance of airplanes and parachutes, as well as the quality of training and certification of our instructors is what separates us from the crowd. Personal attention is what you can expect at GSC. We will transform your skydive from simply jumping out of an airplane into a life changing, unforgettable/transformational experience.


All pricing includes sales tax

  • Tandem Skydive
    10,500 Feet
    *Higher price if 200lbs and over. Scroll to bottom of page for more details.
  • Accelerated Free Fall
    10,500 feet

Video Prices

  • Tandem Video
    Add photos for an additional $20
  • Tandem Photos
  • Tandem Video + Photos
  • AFF video + photos

To skydive you must weigh under 230 lb. You must be 18 years or older. 200-230 lbs -$50 surcharge.

The reason for the surcharge is that heavier students put more strain on our equipment and are more demanding on our instructors during exit, opening, and especially for landing. Our instructors are experienced enough to safely skydive with heavier students, however, it is fair to pay them more for a higher workload.

 You must call to book your skydive. There will be a $50 per person non refundable and non transferable deposit to hold your spot. If we cannot jump due to weather you will receive a rain check that is valid for a year. You must show up on the day of your skydive.