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Types of skydiving

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Skydiving is an exciting recreation and a way to deal with the stress caused by today’s lifestyles. Thousands of people get a new perspective on the world testing their limits and learning to face their fears while skydiving. Learn how you can start skydiving and what types of skydiving jumps there are in the text below.

Skydiving in tandem

Tandem skydiving is a very popular way of skydiving from a plane. It is also always the first parachute jump for people who want to jump out of a plane.

This way of skydiving  trains all future skydivers, but also provides flying experiences to those people who just want to jump once in a lifetime. Tandem skydiving provides all the good sides of skydiving , such as: jumping from a plane, free fall and parachuting. If you want to know the cost for the tandem skydiving visit this site.

Types of skydiving

Differences between tandem skydiving and solo skydiving 

The biggest difference is recognized in this subtitle itself. In the case of a solo skydiving , skydiver jumps independently, while in a tandem skydiving, two people jump at the same time. When skydiving in tandem, it is mandatory that one person is an experienced skydiver or a skydiving instructor.

In tandem skydiving  you have a special experience – you feel all the adrenaline and pleasure while your instructor takes care of releasing the parachute and landing.

If you want to learn how to skydive to be able to solo skydive one day see our training program.

Tandem skydiving training

The question arises: If each part of the jump is taken care of by a skydiving instructor, is it necessary for the person jumping with him to have some training before the jump itself? The answer is: Yes!

Training will last about 25 to 35 minutes, depending on a group size.

You will learn the following from your instructor:

  • How to safely walk on airport taxiways and around small aircraft.
  • Proper aircraft exit procedures and proper free fall, canopy flight and landing body positions.

As you and your instructor exit the aircraft, you will experience an incredible 45-second flight you will never forget! Around 5,000 ft you or your instructor will open the parachute, and by no means has the experience ended there.

Types of skydiving

Your canopy ride can be a smooth glide down, or a wild roller coaster ride-depending on your preference. With awesome views of Lake Carlyle this will be one of the most scenic canopy flights you can experience in Midwest.