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How Safe is a Skydive?

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Safety is a huge concern for every skydiver. At Gateway Skydiving Center our mission is to create a fun and friendly environment for our first time and experienced jumpers alike, while putting safety first.

A word about safety

It is very safe. Deaths or even serious injuries are uncommon. On occasion minor scrapes and bumps happen. Mostly your adrenaline covers the small pains.

Start with the plane. The care of a plane is amazing. Then the equipment is is constantly checked. Unlike your car, no one will allow either of these if there are any tiny defects.

How Safe is a Skydive

Skydivers are crazy sometimes but ridiculous about safety at all times. We check, recheck, and check again all the equipment. Then someone else checks us out after we are geared up and about to load. In the plane we look over each other again.

Your parachute will have an automatic firing mechanism if you get too low without pulling it for instance you pass out or something. All parachutes have a secondary parachute. The main parachute is only packed by someone qualified and the secondary chute is only packed by a special rigger who is even more certified.

The Chances Of Injury Are Extremely Small

We will mention statistics where out of 4.2 million jumps, 21 were fatal. That’s 0.005 deaths per 1,000 jumps, and the tandem death rate is even lower. Also, each jumper has two parachutes.

How Safe is a Skydive
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If the first one doesn’t work, there is a backup and the parachutes go through a lot of training to learn how to handle emergency procedures. Most accidents are the result of human error, and not necessarily equipment failure.

This is the answers to the question, how safe is a skydive? Read more about skydiving HERE.