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How Long Skydiving Jump Lasts?

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If you are wondering how long skydiving jump lasts – it for sure lasts a lifetime, at least memory and experience of it does. Here in this blog find out how long in total one skydiving jump lasts.

What we offer at Gateway Skydiving Center

Our mission is to create a fun and friendly environment for our first time and experienced jumpers alike while putting safety first. With over 10.000 jumps and best pricing of all skydiving centers with us you can experience following.

How Long Skydiving Jump Lasts

Tandem Skydiving

With tandem skydive you will be attached to a professional instructor with years of experience and thousands of jumps under his/her belt, so you can enjoy one of the most memorable moments of your life!

Your job is to have fun and scream your lungs out as you are flying through the air at 120 mph. ​During a Tandem Skydive, your instructor does most of the work, making it suitable for most people.

How Long Skydiving Jump Lasts

Accelerated Freefall

The Accelerated Freefall program is made up of seven levels, and taking the Ultimate AFF First Jump Course is the first step in your progression. Ground training typically takes between four to six hours. It includes lessons on the parachuting equipment you’ll be using, aircraft procedures, emergency procedures, canopy control and landing techniques. Following the class you will jump from 10,500 ft wearing your own parachute system.

Two instructors will accompany you on your jump, flying by your side to assist you if necessary during nearly one minute of free fall. You deploy your parachute at 5,000 ft and then steer and land your own parachute with radio assistance. Full altitude on every jump is what you get with this training method. Wearing gear provided to you, your instructors help you learn stability by keeping grips on you for your first few jumps.

Accelerated Free Fall training program

In order to get an “A” License, you must start the Accelerated Free Fall training method, and complete the 25 jumps required.  The 25 jumps consist of 7 AFF jumps, 5 Coach jumps, 12 Solo jumps and 1 “A” License Check Dive.

Skydiving duration

Preparation and instructions

  • When you first show up, you will watch a 30 minute safety video and fill out a liability waiver.
  • Next step is putting on a harness and going over your skydive. You will receive one-on-one instructions from your instructor. We will go over exit, freefall and landing procedures. This lasts from 30 min to 1 hr.

Plane ride up

Once the gear is on and we go over the procedures, we are ready for takeoff! Plane ride up takes about 20 minutes. Try to relax and enjoy the view. At this point we will go over exit, freefall and landing procedures one more time. You will tandem jump from 10,500 ft and parachute will be opened at 5,000 ft.

Freefall at 120 mph!

Freefall at 120 MPH is something that cannot be described and you have to experience it for yourself. It is a must at least once in a lifetime. All you need to do is arch, smile and have fun. This part of the skydive lasts around 2 minutes, and then the parachute is opened.

How Long Skydiving Jump Lasts

Canopy flight

Canopy flight is about 5 to 7 minutes long. Some people say this part is even better than freefall. You will go from fast, loud, extreme freefall speeds to peaceful, euphoric, sensational canopy glide. Skydiving has it all.

How Long Skydiving Jump Lasts

All in all, skydiving jump may be short for some, and long for some people, but on the end of the day you will go home with a new experience that you will cherish your whole life. Remember that none has been disappointed with a skydiving jump, it’s a whole new level of life experience.