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Spare Parachute

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Every parachute bag contains a main and spare parachute. In some cases, it contains also a small “slow down” parachute activated to prolong free falls. Only complete knowledge and proper procedure of using a spare parachute justify its carrying.

How parachute slows your body

We also know that from that critical moment. All flying stops and we only have the priority of the lowest possible impact speed. If we are at a higher altitude and have time, we report our situation and position. And estimate the place of impact to the nearest help, communication, water, road and electricity. lines. We calm the rotation, if there is one, and try to stabilize the fall, without rocking and fluttering. We are not making radical attempts, so as not to endanger the parachute dome. At low altitudes, we try to take the maximum safe position and prepare to receive a strong blow with our feet.

Spare Parachute

If you were for whatever reason free-falling from the sky with arms outstretched you’d be travelling at around 124 miles per hour. That’s almost 200 feet per second. That number is calculated by taking a look at terminal velocity. Or the highest velocity achievable by an object as it falls through the air.

When and how is a spare parachute activated?

In order for pilots not to fly “disciplined” and to be misled that they are safe, you should meet the reserve parachute. If it is not possible to bring the soft wing into the function of controlled flight. There are conditions for opening the dome, for exercise and on task.

Spare Parachute

By getting to know and training parachute inspection and packaging in advance. We contribute to our own self-confidence, composure, better assessment and safer falling. We know that this is a critical moment and that we need to calm down the rotation and tumbling so that the ropes do not get entangled and there are conditions for filling the dome.


Spare parachutes are almost never used. They are present only to provide support in case anything ever happens with the main parachute. Skydiving is based on safety and along with all other safety features skydivers go through there is a spare parachute, to give extra safety feature to that safety process.