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Skydiving costs so much!

Why does skydiving cost so much? Well does it?

“Why does skydiving cost so much? Well, does it? The short answer would be that the cost of everything went up in the last few years, and the skydiving and aviation industry was not spared. Skydiving gear manufacturers keep raising their prices. Not only that, but when you order, it can take up to a year to get it. Skydiving is a niche market, and when you use the best skydiving gear, you have to wait for the good stuff, and we get it, but… You can have a baby in less time than that!!!!

Let’s not talk about fuel, airplane parts, and maintenance costs. So, think about all this next time you go skydiving and ask for a discount. Skydiving is not for everyone, nor will everyone be able to afford it. If it comes down to skydiving or paying your rent, you should pay your rent. Let’s skydive! I hope you know that we don’t mean that, but who are we to judge what you do with your money =), skydiving is not for everyone, and we understand that. But all fun things cost money, and skydiving is no exception. We just looked at the pricing to take two kids to Disney World in October 2024. The pricing was unreal. What scares us more in the skydiving industry/general aviation is that we are running into a problem with not only the cost but also what is happening with many industries across the board. The problem is that nobody wants to do any real work, and everyone wants to be a YouTuber, including my son.

We did an engine overhaul on one of our skydiving airplanes in 2022 that cost over $50k, and it took months. We did a little tour of all the machine shops, and there is a clear pattern. All the guys working there are not young. The same things are happening with parachute riggers (the people who fix your parachutes). To be a Master Rigger and to be good at fixing stuff takes years of experience to get good, and it’s a labor of love, just like skydiving. So, you can expect the cost of skydiving to go up in the next few years.

“We in the United States are fortunate that we can still get parts from Cessna, located in Kansas, and that most parachute manufacturers are located in Florida. Can you imagine how difficult it would be if you lived in Europe, Australia, or New Zealand? I know you might think that skydiving is expensive here in the U.S., but when I worked in New Zealand, Australia, and Europe over twelve years ago, it was even more expensive than in the U.S. Today, Skydiving in St. Louis, MO  is still relatively cheap compared to modern countries and places.”

So, we are back to the cost of a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Is it worth it to you? We bought all new tandem skydiving harnesses and parachutes in 2024 and it was not cheap. The cost of airplane insurance alone doubled in 2023, and unfortunately, all these price increases affect the cost of your skydive. We will include the skydiving manufacturer’s pricing list below just to give you an idea, and you need to come and skydive while prices are still relatively cheap.