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How Skydiving Feels Like

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Ever wondered how skydiving feels like? Read these stories from the people that did it and you will soon learn what a wonderful sport it is.

Getting ready to skydive

Well, before the jump, you’re excited and nervous, not knowing what to expect. It’s pretty funny, after the fact. You’ll spend a lot of time waiting, and it will feel longer than it is, because you’ll be nervous.

You’ll watch other jumpers pack their chutes, gear up, board planes, deploy & land. You’ll see some landings that are soft as a baby’s kiss and others which look…. shall we say, less graceful. You’ll get a little nervous.

When it comes time for you to gear up, your instructor will quietly, methodically attach your parachute to your body, and it will be tight. It is time to get on the plane. Feeling is real, at this point, and like nothing you’ve felt before.

When you get on the plane, you quickly realize that standing was relatively comfortable. You are sitting between someone’s legs and have someone else sitting between yours, packed like sardines.

The plane takes off, and you begin a 20 minute climb to altitude. There will be experienced jumpers who are pretty chill at the beginning, but get more and more animated & excited, the higher they get. Your instructors will be talking to you pretty regularly, making sure you know what you have to do and when to do it. You’ve spent hours taking a course and passed the test … you’ve got this.

How Skydiving Feels Like


When the green light comes on, someone will have opened the door already. You’ll watch, as experienced jumpers exit the plane first. You’ll be a little freaked out by how it looks, from inside the plane – Poof, they’re gone! Then it will be your turn, and your instructors will pull and nudge you to the door. One will get out before you, and the other will be on the inside. When you get to the door, it will be very loud the roar of the engine, the 80+ mph wind hitting your face. It will be exhilarating, and combined with the adrenaline that’s flowing, will be unlike anything you’ve ever felt. You look outside to your instructor, he/she will give you a nod. You look inside to the other instructor, they give you a nod. Up, down, out.

You will do just fine, and the sensation & view of free-falling that long is incredible. When it comes time to pull, you will be ready, because ground objects and roads are getting a lot bigger.

How Skydiving Feels Like

When you do, you will feel the tug, and your thighs will support it. You’ll hear your canopy flopping like mad as it deploys, and you’ll be seeing stars as you decelerate from 125+ mph in a matter of seconds, then suddenly it stops, and you hear… nothing. Utter quiet and peace. You have never been more alone in your life than when you are at 5000 feet, under the canopy, on your first tandem skydive. It’s the most Zen-like experience I’ve had in my 47 years, and it never diminishes. It’s something to look forward to.

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