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How Many Tandem Jumps Before I Can Go Solo?

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The first jump is always a tandem skydive with an experienced skydiver or instructor. When people decide they want to pursue a career in this adrenaline sport on its own, or just want to experience a free fall alone they need to jump a lot of times with an instructor and pass skydiving training to be able to do so.

It all starts with the first jump

What do you need to know before the first jump?

1. Age Limit

You must be 18 or older to skydive.

2. Weight Limit

Our weight limit is 230 lbs, and you must fit in your harness properly!

3. Weather

Clouds and winds can be a factor but summer skydiving season around St. Louis is pretty consistent. Our staff will be there every weekend regardless of the weather. The best thing to do is call ahead and confirm that we are jumping before you leave your house.

How Many Tandem Jumps

4. Alcohol consumption

Do not consume alcohol before your jump. To speak to you for your good and your safety. If there is the odour of alcohol present we will keep your deposit and you will not go for a skydive!

5. Who Are You Jumping With On Your First Jump

You will jump with a USPA Certified instructor with years of skydiving experience. One of the requirements for becoming a tandem instructor is 500 jumps, but all of our tandem instructors have between 1,500 to 7,000 skydives.

6. Additional Useful Features

Tandem skydive takes about 30 minutes of training, but it can take up to 4 hours depending on weather and other unforeseen factors. First-time solo students, please plan to spend the entire day with us.

It should be noted that flying in the air is not a roller coaster, you need to listen to the instructor’s instructions. You can bring a camera, take photos during the summer, etc.

Skydiving is not a physically demanding sport, but you do need to be in good health! For our solo students, you need to have enough upper body strength to pull all the necessary handles and steer the parachute!

Skydiving training

In order to get an “A” License, you must start the Accelerated Free Fall training method, and complete the 25 jumps required.  The 25 jumps consist of 7 AFF jumps, 5 Coach jumps, 12 Solo jumps and 1 “A” License Check Dive.

In order to get an A License, you must start AFF training method. ONLY three tandems will count toward your A license.

Learn to skydive

How Many Tandem Jumps

Full altitude for almost every jump is what you get with this training method. Wearing gear provided to you, your instructors help you learn stability by keeping grips on you for your first few jumps. Then we will take a “hands off” approach to help you master the rest of the required skills and the 25 jumps needed for your “A” License.