What to expect from your tandem skydive

At Gateway Skydiving Center we treat you like family and not just a number. We have a very hands-on approach, because we understand that, while exciting, first jump can also be intimidating.

  • Safety Video and Waiver

    When you first show up, you will watch a 30 minute safety video and fill out a liability waiver.

  • Gearing Up

    Next step is putting on a harness and going over your skydive. You will receive one-on-one instructions from your instructor. We will go over exit, freefall and landing procedures.

  • Plane Ride Up

    Once the gear is on and we go over the procedures, we are ready for takeoff!  Plane ride up takes about 20 minutes.  Try to relax and enjoy the view.  At this point we will go over exit, freefall and landing procedures one more time.

    plane ride up

  • Freefall at 120 MPH!

    Freefall at 120 MPH is something that cannot be described and you have to experience it for yourself. It is a must at least once in a lifetime. All you need to do is arch, smile and have fun.

  • Canopy Flight

    Canopy flight is about 5 to 7 minutes long.  Some people say this part is even better than freefall. You will go from fast, loud, extreme freefall speeds to peaceful, euphoric, sensational  canopy glide. Skydiving has it all.


  • Landing

    It is very important that you lift your legs up for landing.  This one is on you, and there is not much your instructor can do as he is flying the parachute. Pictures above are a good example of what your body position should be for landing.


  • Certificate of Accomplishment

    After your skydive you will receive a certificate. You now belong to 1% of human population that is not afraid to jump out of an airplane.  Congratulations!!!!!!