No matter what kind of flying you are into, we have something for you. Our staff consists of some of the most talented skydivers in Saint Louis area. Whether it is Freeflying, Relative Work, Swooping or Accuracy come out to learn and have fun. We have brand new permanent accuracy tuffet for serious competitors only.

Jump Ticket Price

  • 10,000 ft
  • 5,000 ft

Gateway Policies


  • Log book
  • Reserve Date Card (current)
  • USPA card (must be a current USPA member)

AAD (Automatic Activation Device)

  • Required for all instructor related skydives
  • ALL formation skydives
  • ALL skydivers with less than 250 jumps

Hook Turns

90° turns in main landing area only. High performance landing, 270° and greater are allowed in an alternate landing area.

We have a nice wide open landing area with very few obstacles.

Experienced Jumpers Group