Skydiving in Saint Louis

Skydiving in Saint Louis is something by which this city has already become recognizable. A beautiful city that will provide you with an unforgettable skydiving experience. The 2020 season has…

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How Skydiving Works?

Before we discover how skydiving works, we will introduce you to the history of our skydiving center, and all the other things related to skydiving that you need to know.…

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DMT Luna, Packer

DMT Luna Packer I made my first skydive at Gateway Skydiving Center 2017 and fell in love with the sport. A couple years later, I got a job as a…

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Brent Kerr, Advertising

Brent Kerr Advertising 100+ Jumps Did my first jump at Gateway Skydiving Center in 2017 and rest is history. I love people in sport as much as skydiving.

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Joey Harla, Parachute Packer

Joey Harla (Wildman) Parachute Packer, 250+ Jumps Did my first jump at Gateway Skydiving Center with Arnel in 2015. Main goal in life is having fun all the time. Not…

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Andrew Mosbarger, Pilot

Andrew Mosbarger Pilot I got Aircraft Maintenance Certificate from Indianapolis and my Pilot Certificate from SIU Carbondale. I work as a mechanic at Trans States and flying skydivers on weekends.…

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